Fabric Paints

   This range of water based, iron fixed pigment is very versatile and can be used for a variety of painting and printing
   techniques, on a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics. Due to it’s thick consistency it is ideal for block printing,
   stencilling, sponging, monoprinting, palette knife application, screenprinting and thermofax printing. Diluted with water
    it can be applied with a brush, like any fabric paint.

   Extender Base - This transparent base is used to lighten the colour of the pigments without thinning their consistency.

   All colours are available in 60ml, 150ml and 250ml quantities. Email for details

   Low odour. Intermixable, light fast, non-bleeding colours. Brilliant transparent shades. Soft handle. Excellent wash and dry clean
   resistance. Ironable

  Textile  Paints

Paint Set

  Recommended Starter Colours
  Black, Brick Red, Azure Blue, Golden Yellow, Extender Base 

  Additional Colours
  Scarlet, Violet, Sea Green, Oxford Blue, Primrose

Paints additional colours1

  5.00 per 60ml jar - 4.00 postage up to 20 jars (UK only)

  Please complete payment, then email me to specify colours


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